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Detailing a car for a show really is fun and it’s one of the most rewarding kinds of work our Detail Technicians perform. We must take into account the nature of the work and that you trust us with your baby. We do not take that privilege lightly!

Some common procedures needed on show cars are:

• Metal polishing of aluminum engine and suspension components
• Detailed chrome cleaning
• Wet sanding the exterior paint to remove orange peel
• Removal of buffer ’swirls’ caused by previous, non-professional detailers
• Special care while cleaning custom interiors

Note: PLEASE PLAN AHEAD FOR YOUR SHOW! Every year we must refuse several clients because they call us the day before their show, expecting to get their car detailed.

We ask you to please remember two things:
• Our quality takes time; we have our reputation for a reason.
• Every single Saturday during the late spring and summer there is a car show somewhere in the Portland area. This means that Thursdays and Fridays are usually booked a week in advance for show car detailing. Don’t call us on the Thursday before the Concours d’Elegance show and expect us to fit you right in. Of course we’ll try, but please understand our position.