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Got mold growing inside your car? We can clean and disinfect your entire car interior.
Mold is not just gross, it can cause foul odors and can even lead to illness from breathing the spores. Usually cars get moldy when excess moisture gets inside, for example from a rain water leak or from a sunroof being left open.

Sure it’s an ugly job but we’re perfectly equipped to do it properly and professionally.

Does your car leak inside, causing wet carpets and a nasty mildew smell that you know is only going to get worse?

Even if your car has been in a flood and needs the carpeting removed, cleaned, disinfected and replaced, we can do it!



We can remove cigarette and tobacco odors from your car, that’s right I said REMOVE, not cover-up.

We have a substantial arsenal of tools, experience, and products at our disposal like an ozone gas generator, dry-smoke fogger, Tabac-Attack, commercial grade enzyme, Hydrocide, vapor steamers, and a hot water extractor.

Honestly, we can remove 90%-100% of the offensive cigarette odors from your car. Our process is not a quick cover-up with perfumes or scented cleaners that leave your car smelling like a cheap motel room. We get to the source of the odor which is the film of tar that has coated all the interior surfaces of your car.

Only by deep steam-cleaning every surface can we begin to truly remove the odor. Then, with our special (non-scented) cleaners and tools we can go deeper and use chemistry to further reduce the odor.

This process takes time, usually 2 days.

The cost is usually $100-$200 in addition to the cost of our Standard Interior Detail Service.

Stop by any time we’re open for a free consultation and quote.

car with carpeting removed
vehicle carpeting removed and cleaned
ashtray with cigarettes