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(Watch this video in full screen to really see the flaws in this Tesla)


New Teslas with Correctable Paint Flaws

New Car Cosmetic Inspection

Why would you need to inspect a brand new car?  Well because even new cars have flaws that often go unnoticed until years later when they rear their ugly head.

Look, automotive factories are wonders of modern manufacturing, they turn out literally hundreds of cars every single day.  Think of the quality control measures they must take to accomplish their high standard of manufacturing in such a short period of time!  But alas they must draw the line somewhere, so sometimes a paint flaw gets through their inspection, or more frequently, they simply do not have the time to correct the flaw properly, or most frequently, the flaw is a result of damage that happens after the car leaves the factory.

If you love knowing that your brand new car is as close to perfect as possible, then you need our New Car Cosmetic Inspection.  What are we looking for exactly?  I’m glad you asked!

We are looking for flaws in the paint like sanding marks, buffer swirls, scratches, compound residue, panel/door misalignment, dirt nibs, etc.  How do these flaws get in/on your paint in the first place?  As previously mentioned sometimes they are factory defects (the most common factory defect is dirt nibs in the paint) but more frequently they are defects from substandard repair of your car after it leaves the factory.  Wait, what!?

Think about it, all kinds of things can happen to cars in between when they left the factory and when you bought it off the showroom floor.  Most new cars travel thousands of miles to get to the dealership and any number of untold accidents can happen along the way.

So what do they do when a new car gets scratched or otherwise damaged?  They just send it to a local auto body shop where it is repaired like any other car.  The problem is that oftentimes that repair is substandard.  This is where we come in!

We spend our entire professional careers looking at paint and finding flaws and correcting them, it’s what we do!  We are the perfect people to inspect your car’s exterior and give you a report of what we’ve found, good bad or ugly.  The good news is most flaws can be corrected to (again literally) better than new condition.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing like having a car that is shinier than new.  Yes it’s possible and we do it every day.

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