“Went here on a Groupon and they really do a good job. And if you need it, they give BMW loaner cars for just $5! -- Beverly M., 5.8.11“


“Where is a good, environmentally responsible Hand Car Wash company in Beaverton?”
HERE!  At Fresh Start Detail located in downtown Beaverton, since 1983.

“Why are Hand Car Washes so hard to find in Beaverton and Portland?”
Pollution laws in Beaverton and Portland require ALL car washes and detail shops to reclaim their wash water and treat it before it’s discharged to the sewer.  As you can imagine, the system and equipment to accomplish this is expensive and requires regular maintenance as well as inspections from Clean Water Services.  While all drive-through car washes have these reclaim systems, only a handful of detail shops do because of high initial costs and ongoing maintenance.

“Why use a hand car wash instead of a drive-through car wash?”
1) A hand car wash is much more gentle to your vehicle’s paint.  We use only the softest cotton and microfiber products that are the safest for your paint.

2) We also pre-spray the vehicle to loosen dirt so it can’t scratch your paint while it’s being washed.

3) We use pre-treated, spot-free water which allows us to use less detergent and prevent water spots.

4) We use highly efficient water spraying equipment to minimize the amount of water used AND we reclaim all that water so nothing is sent to our rivers or lakes.

5) A worker can wash vehicles that a drive-through wash cannot, like lifted trucks, lowered cars, cars with racks or cargo containers, and “dually” trucks.

6) Hand car washing cleans your wheels far better than any automated machine.

authored by Jason Barker

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