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Examples of our Competition

“Why pay professional prices?  For professional, guaranteed results that give you peace of mind.”

Some people think it is vindictive of us to point out our competitor’s shortcomings, but we say that a professional should be proud of the work they perform and should have no problem showing it to the world.


In this video you see that the previous detail company used WAY too much soap in the carpets and then didn’t rinse it out.  We see this all the time from the “Express Detail” shops.
To correct this we rinse the soap out with 180 degree water and a high-powered carpet extractor.
When soap residue is left in the carpets they attract dirt very quickly, making your carpets look ugly just days after getting it “detailed”.  It also contributes to making an unpleasant odor similar to a cheap hotel room.
A professional shop will use minimal soap and instead use hot water or even vapor steam for cleaning, then extract the moisture with a high-powered extractor

Wheels clean?

Emblems clean?

Moisture under LCD displays?

Buffer swirls in black paint?!

Polishing compound on your black trim?

No attention to detail?

Dirt still in cracks?