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Get your flood damaged car repaired by the Portland Area Professionals…

Portland and Beaverton see their fair share of rain in the winter months and while most of us are used to this kind of wet weather, sometimes it can take us and our vehicles by surprise.

We’ve all been there, a cloud bursts and you remember you’ve left your window or sunroof open. Sometimes a parking lot gets flooded when a storm drain gets clogged or maybe a nearby creek overflowed, causing your car to be knee-deep in flood water.

Whatever the cause of your flood damaged car, the friendly staff at Fresh Start Detail are fully equipped to restore your water damaged vehicle, promptly and professionally.

Don’t Do it Yourself, Call A Pro!

If your interior is wet up to the point of saturation, simply vacuuming the water out and hitting it with a fan won’t do the trick, and sets you up for having a smelly mold time bomb in your car. In fact, immediate attention to the flood damaged car is required to prevent further harm to the interior or engine itself.

Water damage to your vehicle’s interior is a messy, complicated business. Soggy seats and carpets aren’t just inconvenient and smelly, they’re difficult to clean. The truth is, it’s something that not just anyone has the experience, skill and tools to restore properly. Luckily, Fresh Start Detail is the Portland and Beaverton area expert for car water damage restoration.

Water Damaged Car Repair In Portland by Fresh Start Detail

Our detailing technicians will remove all the seats and carpeting, down to the interior shell. Then we extract the water to make sure it’s 100% bone-dry, and steam clean it to kill all mold. We’ll thoroughly dry the carpeting while it’s out of the vehicle, allowing us to replace the soaked under padding as well. When everything is completely clean and dry, we’ll reinstall and disinfect the carpets and seats, preventing any chance of mold growth.

So if you live in the greater Portland or Beaverton area and got caught in the rain with your windows down, give us a call on 503. 641. 3285. Fresh Start Detail has the tools and expertise you need to take care of your flooded car, promptly and professionally.

Car Water Damage Repair Portland Oregon
Flooded Car Repair in Portland, Oregon by Fresh Start Detail
Flooded Car Repair in Portland, Oregon by Fresh Start Detail
Flood Damaged Car Repair in Portland Oregon
Flood Damaged Car Repair in Portland Oregon