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detailingWe are a full service, independent auto detail facility in downtown Beaverton, servicing Washington County including Hillsboro, Aloha, Tigard and Portland.

We are a small company of less than 10 workers who all live in the local area.  We are proud of our length in business (since 1983) and attribute that to sticking to a couple simple beliefs:

1) If you provide the people of Beaverton and Portland with a quality service, they will return to you and they will refer friends to you.

2) If you make it fun and rewarding for employees to come to work every day, they will strive to exceed the management’s expectations.


Our Mission

To provide our clients with a service that is better than they expected. To operate a working environment that is fun, beneficial, and encouraging for all employees. To be a positive influence in the communities of Beaverton and Portland. What makes us different?  WE DO NOT WORK FOR DEALERS!  Why does this matter?  Because dealers demand low prices and fast work.  How can our Detail Technicians do a fast and cheap job on one car then do a thorough and complete job on your car?  It’s impossible.  Long ago we decided to work for customers who needed a service and were willing to pay a fair amount for it. Have you ever bought a car from a dealer and you had to hassle with them over the price?  Imagine doing that on every single detail job.  No thank you. There’s plenty of those type of detail shops out there to fight over the dealer’s business.  In fact, we often fix mistakes and lower quality detail jobs that other detail shops make. Mistakes like buffer swirls, excess wax in crevices and on moldings, wet interiors that start to smell musty or like a wet dog, etc.